Registration FAQs

When will the annual meeting take place?
The Societies will meet 10-13 November 2022 in New Orleans, Louisiana.

When will the schedule for the conference be made available?
The program schedule will be made available in August 2022.

When can I register and what will it cost?
Early registration will be available on or before 1 July 2022 through 5 October 2022. Regular registration rates are in effect from 6 October 2022 through 9 November 2022. See registration rate table below.

Registration Rates

Rate Category Early (7/1/2022–10/5/2022) Regular (10/6/2022–11/9/2022)
AMS Members Student, retired, or low-income $85.00 $115.00
Standard $160.00 $200.00
Non-Members Student, retired, or low-income $165.00 $195.00
Standard $285.00 $325.00

On-site Registration

On-site registration surcharge: $20

Undergrad Registration: $0

One-day registration: $115

Are there ways to have the registration fee waived?
Yes! 2022 Annual Meeting volunteers receive a waiver of the registration fee in exchange for six hours of service. Volunteer opportunities will be advertised in summer 2022.

Can I register a group for the 2022 Annual Meeting?
Yes, you can register groups of 15 or more students for the Annual Meeting using the group registration form. Information on group registration is available on the group registration page.

Do graduate students require institutional affiliation to qualify for the student group registration rate?
No. Groups of 15 or more graduate students qualify for the group registration rate, regardless of institutional affiliation.

• Are presenters and chairs required to register for the Annual Meeting?
Yes, presenters and chairs are required to register for the Annual Meeting.

I’m not a member of the Societies. How do I register?
Become a member of one of the Societies now and save up to $125 on Annual Meeting registration! Non-members must register at the non-member rate. See registration rate table above.

Is there a cancellation policy?
Yes. Refund requests will be honored if received on or before 24 October 2022 and are subject to a $20 processing fee.

Conference FAQs

Who do I contact for help?
For AMS registration, program scheduling, or administrative questions, please contact the AMS office at ams@amsmusicology.org.
For SEM registration, program scheduling, or administrative questions, please contact the SEM office at sem@indiana.edu.
For SMT registration, program scheduling, or administrative questions, please contact the SMT office at societymusictheory@gmail.com.

What accommodations are available for individuals with disabilities?
View the accommodations page for a listing of New Orleans accommodations.

Are there opportunities to volunteer?
Yes! Information on volunteer opportunities for the 2022 Annual Meeting is available here. Volunteers must be current members of the Society. The deadline to apply is 1 September 2022.

• Will there be opportunities to network and socialize?
Yes. There will be many opportunities to network, socialize, and connect with colleagues and friends.

• Will there be an exhibit hall?
Yes, we will have an exhibit hall available to all registrants.

• Will there be a program book?
Absolutely. The program book will be a publicly accessible and fully searchable digital program. It is expected to be available in mid-October.

• How do I reserve an exhibit booth or program book ad?
Packages for exhibitors, advertisers, networking event organizers, and sponsors will be advertised in spring 2022.

• Will childcare be available?

• Are there resources available to help connect me with a roommate or rideshare?

Proposal FAQs

• I have submitted a proposal to the Societies previously. Do I need to create a new account to submit a proposal for 2022?
Yes. Even if you have submitted a proposal to one of the Societies in a previous year, you will need to create a new account to submit a proposal for the 2022 Annual Meeting.

• When are proposals due?
Proposals for sessions and performances are due 15 February 2022. Committee and Study Group Proposals and CAM Special Call Proposals are due 15 March 2022

• What is the Alternate Years Rule and to which proposal types does it apply?
The Alternate Years Rule is suspended for the 2022 Annual Meeting.

• I want to submit a proposal for a Roundtable, Workshop, or Film. Can I also submit a regular Individual Paper proposal?
No, only one proposal per person per Society is permitted for any of the six proposal types included in the CFP.

• I participated in a Workshop in 2021. Can I submit an Individual Paper proposal for 2022?
Yes, the Alternate Years Rule is suspended for the 2022 Annual Meeting.

• Can I submit a paper proposal and also participate in a roundtable?
No, an individual may participate in any one of the presentation formats included in the CFP and appear one other time on the program as a chair or as a respondent. No one may appear on the program more than twice.

• Can I submit two different proposals (ex. a paper and a workshop) in case one of them isn’t accepted?
No, only one proposal per person is allowed, even if the proposals are for different types of presentations.

• May I submit two paper proposals if they are on entirely different subjects?
No, only one proposal per person is allowed.

• I’m submitting a Session proposal. Where do I include the name of the proposed session chair or respondent? Should I include participant names?
Please include the name of your proposed session chair or respondent in the fields provided on the submission form. Add “Author information” for all participants using the “Add Co-Author” button found at the bottom of the form. Please do not include participant names in the body of the summary text; the proposal read by the committee should be anonymous.

• May I submit a proposal even if I am not a member?

• I prefer email: can I just email my proposal to you?
No. Emailed proposal submissions will not be considered.

• Are proposals read anonymously (i.e., with the names of participants hidden from the committee)?
Mostly. Roundtable, Workshop, and Film proposals are read openly, and all the names of participants are given to readers (and should be included in the proposal). But individual proposals and sessions are read anonymously until the final stages of the committee’s work.

• My proposal has more than one author; how do I indicate that in the online system?
Use the “Add Co-Author” button found at the bottom of the submission form to add a co-author.

• I am planning a Study Group or Committee session and would like to invite a guest speaker. Is funding available?
Yes. Grants of up to $1,500 will be considered. Proposals are due 17 January 2022. Visit the AMS website for additional information.

• I am organizing a Study Group proposal. How do I submit this for Program Committee consideration?
Although Study Group (and Committee) session proposals are not vetted by the Program Committee, a proposal submission form is available at the submission site for Study Group and Committee session organizers to use.

• Can I volunteer as a proposal reviewer?
AMS members with a PhD in musicology or a related field, but who are not submitting a proposal, are eligible to serve. Sign-up forms are due 1 February 2022.

Question not answered? Send it to the AMS Office at ams@amsmusicology.org and it will be added to this list.